Just make sure you dont overkill it. OG DubPerformance Tee. This program gave me good results with an increase of my bench by 20 lbs. You wanted some feedback about the 12 week program and I attest it is one of the best programs I have done. The program is spilt into 3 phases, a build, transition, peak phase. 12 Week PowerBuilding Program. A powerbuilding program will help you achieve all of these goals to varying degrees. 20.00. 12 Week Mass Program. Subscribe. 12 Week Bench Program Brad Gillingham inspired, program courtesy of Maryland Powerlifting. This program is designed to get you stronger, while building muscle. 23.00. Heavy Day: Single: Weight: workouts. Email Address. The 12 Week Powerbuilding Program helps men and women improve their body composition by adding muscle and putting pounds on their total by building strength in w. To us gym rats, there's nothing better than getting bigger and stronger. When it … Sign Up. 12 Weeks to Insane Strength, Size, and Fitness 5 workouts per week / 60-90 min. Sign up to receive news and updates. I have been lifting for almost 2 years now. It is a 5 day spilt (can also be run on 4 days). The program Thanks for the valuable information about training after the 12 week program. Be Inevitable Tee. 20.00. Strength-building powerlifts (squat, deadlift, bench press) form the core of Mike O'Hearn's program, but they’re surrounded by bodybuilding exercises and rep ranges. Every four weeks, you'll systematically increase the weight you use on your main lifts. If you want that big S across your own chest, you must follow my 12-week Power Bodybuilding program to the letter, as outlined below. SUBSCRIBE. It hits it with enough volume and weight to grow and gain power. One Rep Max: Calculate. Email Address. This 10 week powerbuilding program is modeled off of basic 5/3/1 with inspiration from GZCL and BBB for accessories. Core Lifts: Incline, Squat, Deadlift Weeks 1-4, 70%: 5 sets of 4 reps Weeks 5-8, 80%: 5 sets of 3 reps Weeks 9-12, 90%: 5 sets of 2 reps The … Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. 23.00. On this program you’ll hit a major compound movement(for powerlifters, likely your competition movement plus one additional) for one top set of an AMRAP before moving on to accessory exercises. 12 Week PowerBuilding Program. haha I … The program focuses on building the big 3 (squat, bench, deadlifts). Thank you! But if you only care about getting strong then you might be better off with a pure strength training program that has you lifting heavy 4-7 days per week (with low volume). Its a 5 day a week program, Great frequency and 7 sets of 2-4 is not overkill. Heavy Day: After warm up sets, do the heavy single for the day followed by the working sets for that day. Im loving this program and If you stick to it for a while it works bro. The insane pumps combined with the triumph of smashing heavy weights can't be topped. squat 35 lbs dead lift 35 1bs.