A major part of learning a language is taking ownership of it. Writing in a second language proves to be even more of a challenge. French Writing Tips. French poetry has had a commanding presence since medieval times, making itself known in the same genres as English poetry: Epics, verse, spoken word, etc. Les travaux d'écriture - Writing exercises on various topics. Tips for getting started: The first idea that professors suggest is to always write in French! Try reading up on French poetry and then writing some of your own using rhyming, plays on words, etc. Written French and spoken French are almost 2 different languages. Getting feedback. This page is intended to help those students who face the task of writing in French. Writing is one thing, but in order for this exercise … Many students are still learning French mostly with written material, or traditional methods that over enunciate every single word. Writing in a first language is difficult. Try to space them out throughout the quarter so that you don’t end up with an enormous pile of writing projects to grade all at once. Space out your French writing projects. 8. (Note that résumé is a faux ami.) Écrire conseils pratiques - Writing tips and ideas; Le Résumé - Strategies for writing a good summary. 9. If you teach several preps, don’t wait until the end of the quarter to assign all your writing projects. There are many silent letters, glidings, liaisons, etc… and they are everywhere, including in French verb conjugations and grammar. Note: if you’re preparing for the French VCE, there is an updated version of these exam tips in my guide “How to Prepare for the French VCE & Reach your Maximum Score”. Exam Tips While supervising exams or tutoring for exam preparation, I’ve seen too many students writing straight away on their exam copies.