Foods may include certain dairy products, whole grains, almonds and other nuts, fatty fish, pure sugar cane, apple cider vinegar, and many vegetables. Some people hate eating unpeeled apples, but I find it enhances the flavor. It can be added to your foods or mixed with water. Choose products manufactured in North America. 3. In parts of Asia, it’s a common... 2. So now I am trying to lower my cholesterol naturally by eating oats, apples, etc. Examples of refined carbohydrates include white bread, baked goods, and enriched pasta. Its small brown seeds have a long history of being used to help different medical conditions. I much prefer the natural route. I eat a bowl of it everyday for breakfast. Fruits and vegetables, though a source of sterols and stanols, do not offer the substantial quantities of phytosterols you find in legumes, oils and nuts. There are also fenugreek teas and skin creams. Red yeast rice. If you don’t get enough fish in your diet, you can take daily fish oil supplements. I am curious to see how much my cholesterol has went down. Don't take Zocor? Red yeast rice is a product of the yeast that grows on rice. For example, replace white breads and pastas with whole grains. Your doctor will typically prescribe a statin if: There are seven statin-category drugs available in the United States: Natural statins are dietary supplements that are considered helpful in lowering your cholesterol. The FDA does not monitor supplements for quality or purity. My doctor told me that old-fashioned oatmeal lowers cholesterol naturally. Reduce the amount of high-cholesterol foods you eat, like cheese, whole milk, and eggs. Learn about…. According to the Mayo Clinic, using red yeast rice can also reduce your total blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. While there are several cholesterol-lowering drugs on the market, there are also natural alternatives. Seeds for cooking are usually found in Indian spice stores or in the international food section of your grocery store. Before beginning any natural treatments, it is advised that patients speak with a health care professional to determine the best course of action for their condition. Tofu and tofu containing products may also act as natural statins. Foods may include certain dairy products, whole grains, almonds and other nuts, fatty fish, pure sugar cane, apple cider vinegar, and many vegetables. Natural statins in food Vitamin C : It is been recently proven that Vitamin C levels in an individual have a direct influence on the cardiovascular health. If you’re unable to lower your cholesterol with diet and exercise, your doctor may prescribe statins. Psyllium is sold in powder form. Your body needs some cholesterol. Fenugreek is a plant that grows in parts of Europe and western Asia. Zocor was my Doctors choice for my cholesterol, but he switched my blood pressure meds and I came to the point I could barely walk. What are the Different Types of Cholesterol Medication. Aren't they natural products extracted from vegetable sources? My doctor just put me on 20 mg of Zocor, which I didn't want to do, but heart disease runs in my family, so she wants the numbers to go down. The majority of the fiber lies in these. Since almonds and other nuts are high in calories, they should be eaten in moderation. And perhaps more effectively than…, Statins are prescription drugs used to lower cholesterol. The seed and husk are the parts of the plant used for medical purposes. @DFMeyers – Yes, the side effects of statins are a great reason to try lowering your cholesterol with food. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. There’s some evidence that the following are effective when it comes to reducing cholesterol levels. You can get concentrated pill or liquid supplements of fenugreek. I allow myself a few Fig Newtons as a treat. Fish Oil vs. Statins: What Keeps Cholesterol Down? Also focus on healthy fats: Olive oil, avocado, and nuts all have fats that won’t raise your LDL cholesterol levels. However, too much low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol — also called “bad cholesterol” — in your blood will cause blockages in your blood vessels. All rights reserved. Studies Find New Drug May Help Lower Cholesterol. Alternatives to Statins for Lowering Cholesterol, What Is Vitamin F? I eat so many foods with natural statins in them that I will probably never need to take drugs for this. These can include whole grains, apples, potato skins, oats, and flaxseed. He also said other foods naturally lower it, especially foods that contain high fiber. Psyllium is an herb that’s often used to treat constipation because it contains large amounts of fiber. Having high cholesterol puts you at risk for a heart attack or stroke. Your body produces all the cholesterol you need. What is Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride and Is It Safe?