Tree ducks enjoy a diet of aquatic tubers, seeds, plants as well as mollusks and other small aquatic organisms. When foraging, often in dry fields, also in irrigated land. They are much less arboreal than the perching ducks for instance. Policies. Freckled Duck $1000. African Pygmy Geese $2500 . Whistling ducks were formerly known as tree ducks, but not all like trees. Black-Bellied Tree Duck are large, goose-like ducks with a long neck and legs and a short tail. Smew $400 . Range Whistling ducks live in the […] More. Common Shelduck $200 . White Faced Tree Duck $125. Many of our adult ducks have not been pinioned, therefore they will need a safe and secure enclosure. Diving Ducks. American Coot $150. Paradise Shelduck $300. See All Waterfowl. Geese. Maned Geese … SALE * - Oregon Ducks Children's Book - Twas the Night Before Ducksmas - Personalized & Signed Copy Duckmas. Waterfowl feed and greens can be added as a supplement. We Ship From October Through March. Tree Ducks. For Sale. Tree ducks are more active at night, which is the time they do their foraging for food. Ducks and Geese: Habitat: Ponds, fresh marshes. Favorite Add to Ducks tree decoration, Personalised Christmas decoration, ducks christmas, babies 1st christmas decoration, ceramic SunnyjollyDesignsArt. Wild Ducks for Sale. Ruddy Shelduck $200 . Bufflehead $550 . Teals. Shelducks. They are highly social and are a great addition to your ornamental collection. Ringneck $200 . Harlequin $3500. Cape Shelduck $250 . From shop Duckmas . NA Ruddy Duck $200 . Contact Us. Hooded Merganser $200. $10 box. Prefer pickup at the farm. Wood Ducks. Kiddy pool works. 5 out of 5 stars (6) 6 reviews $ 8.99. $10 box. Their dark plumage of black, chestnut, and gray is beautifully contrasted by a bright orange bill; pink legs; a broad, white wing stripe; and a thin, white eye ring. Radjah Shelduck $450 . Muscovy’s are quiet tree ducks They don’t need a pond. We ship over 500 live birds every year. Zimm’s Waterfowl has over 20 years of experience breeding and selling waterfowl. Call 731-587-2440 for Availability! $10.00 Muscovy duck pairs Peterborough 02/09/2020. Puddle Ducks. Will nest on ground or in tree cavities. Most are offered as sexed juvenile pairs, however please read the description carefully to be sure that is offered with your choice of breed. Common Eider $750 . 1 2018 Pr of spotted tree ducks- $200 1 2020 male grey peacock pheasant- $150 Shipping through USPS. Experience Is Our Specialty . Pond (1 of 1) 1/2. View Details Australian Shelduck $500. Swans. From shop SunnyjollyDesignsArt. Prefer pickup at the farm. Various ducks for sale 12 Muscovy ducklings ($10 each) (born August 5th) 4 Cayuga ducks ($15 each) (6 months old) 1 Rouen duck ($15) (6 months old) Favourite. From wild and exotic varieties, these adult birds will liven up any aviary! Only a couple left. Favors shallow freshwater lakes; may come to those in open country, but seems to favor ponds surrounded by trees. The name whistling duck is far more appropriate and descriptive, as all have calls ranging from distinctive high-pitched shrill sounds to clear or squeaky whistles. These ducks are very personable and have a more laid back personality than many other species of wild ducks.