Tuborg Green, the ultimate easy drinking beer was launched in India in March 2009. This brand is a social energizer and gets the fun started. Tuborg beer is medium rich and lively with a moderate bitterness in the aftertaste. Free shipping on orders over 15,000 HUF. Its light and refreshing taste strikes a special chord with dynamic young people who value active pastime and enjoy having a tremendous time at parties. Tuborg Green Beer type: Pilsner Origin: Denmark ABV: 5%. Tuborg is a bottom-fermented lager beer. Tuborg is a popular and favorite beer of millions of people in more than 70 countries. It's brewed on lager malt, a slightly roasted, bright type of malt which results in the well-known mild, fresh taste and aroma of flowers and grain. The recipe of the Tuborg Green is based on usage of special beer yeasts. Carlsberg employees drive around in truck to visit bars and cafés while singing the traditional Tuborg Christmas Brew song and handing out free beer to the guests to mark the start of the festive season. Tuborg Green is a bottom-fermented lager beer. Select a beer type. Tuborg is known for its innovativeness and its introduction also brought into the Indian beer market the innovative pull-off cap concept which got immediate appreciation from our consumers and customers. It instantly became popular with the Danes and has since grown to become Denmark's best selling beer. It's excellent with light meals such as salads and spicy Asian dishes. > Beer > Tuborg Green Larger 6 pack beer Tuborg Green Larger 6 pack beer. It’s brewed on lager malt, a slightly roasted, bright type of malt which results in the well-known mild, fresh taste and aroma of flowers and cereal. Yoma Beer. It is a drink of independent, self-confident people who enjoy life with taste and easily accept the latest trends in society. Go to shop Ital Club. Search for brands. The touches of style are in the innovation of approaches, openness of the brand and impartiality to stereotypes. $19.80 Add to cart Availability: This product is no longer in stock . Reference: 6 x 0.33L 4.6% Alc/Vol Tuborg is a green larger beer made with corn, hop and barley malt. Not yet rated. Search. Tuborg Green Beer 500ml $ 0.75. inc. 12.5% sales tax. Find out more about Tuborg beer on the official Tuborg website. Tuborg Green is a famous beer giving a sea of fun, energy and high spirits. Pilsner Myanmar 5%. Tuborg has grown to be enjoyed in over 70 countries around the world. Hungary: Budapest . Search for brands. The story of Tuborg starts in Hellerup, north of Copenhagen, where the Tuborg Brewery brewed Denmark’s first pilsner-type beer in 1880 and packaged it in bottles with a distinctive green label. The beer itself is a bottom-fermented wiener beer brewed on lager, münchener and caramel malt, and added English liquorice. Half Litre (500ml) Shipping cost 1,200 HUF. Tuborg beer has a delicate, unique light taste.