If you’re just learning the basics of compression then don’t get too bogged down in the finer points of each compressor, but try to bear in mind the sound you’re going for or the instrument you are recording. Multiband Compression/Limiting Multiband compression al Play Video EQ Before Or After Compression? Opto. 5. It has really easy to use Vintage Opto and Electro compression modes which give an added warmth to your vocals or instruments. ), Recommended plugins: Softube CL1B or Valley People Dyna-mite, Waves H-Comp or API 2500. Opto. - @_madebypet, We're loving the symmetry in this sleek set up fro, 10 Best Mini Distortion Pedals (That Money Can Buy In 2020), I Enrolled At Point Blank Music School (Here’s My Review), 6 Of The Best Audio Interfaces For Beginners (2020), Fusing Sound Design & Architectural Principles (Interview With Ténèbre), Empowering Communities Through Knowledge Sharing (Interview With Stranjah), It’s All In The Details (An Interview With Objectiv), 11 Organizations Making A Difference To Music & Mental Health. It’s intuitive controls mean it’s also great for sidechaining and parallel compression. Awesome. Upward compression increases the loudness of sounds below a certain threshold while leaving louder sounds unaffected. An Optical Compressor (or Opto-Compressor) uses a light source to control how much gain reduction is applied. Lossy compression can be adjusted to compress audio a lot, or to compress audio very little. Common Types of Audio Compression. Practical applications: Use the signal of vocals to duck drums or guitars to allow the vocal to sit more prominently in the mix, use a sample to replace or augment originally recorded cymbals, use a cowbell or tick sample rather than the kick to duck synth (due to the faster attack of the tick sound. You wouldn’t get a great result trying to control short, sharp transients in the same way you would with a VCA for example, but you would be able to create a smooth compression at much higher ratios. Copyright © 2018-2020. The Softube FET Compressor plug in is a digital model of a classic FET design. Analogue Obsession’s Fetish is a FET style compressor, with a super fast attack time. It’s no secret that dynamic range compression is one of the most important and versatile tools to an audio engineer. Your RMS display essentially averages out the signal coming through, whereas Peak will display, well, your peaks. Recommended plugins: FabFilter Pro-MB, iZotope Ozone 6, Waves L3-LL Multimaximizer. 1. [see disclaimer!]. Traditional compressors are in regular use in music studios, and most recordings have some degree of compression. Kieran is a producer based in Manchester. Opto, meaning optical, describes the light sensitive circuits that control the compression amount in opto compressors. These types of compressors can add a bit of colour to your mix but also help level out thinner sounding instruments as they add a certain amount of warmth which is suited to instruments such as guitars or drum overheads. Fast forward to the modern-day and you’ll be hard pushed to find a commercial track without compression on. An audio file format is a file format for storing digital audio data on a computer … Recommended plugins: FabFilter Pro-L, Waves L2, PSP Xenon. I want to encourage you to refrain from applying compression just for the sake of applying compression; if a sound doesn't need it (and many sounds don't), then you don't have to apply it. Required fields are marked *. The slower attack time on a Variable Mu can really help ‘glue’ your track together which can create a much more balanced and smooth mix. Great for intense pumping effects but also with the ability for subtle and gentle compression, this is a great addition to any engineers collection of plug ins! Generally speaking, audio compression, be it lossy or lossless, is the process of compressing or shrinking down the size of an audio file and … Think of the Variable-Mu compressor as an “ultralong” soft knee effect, as the audio signal enter the compressor a gentle compression is apply, which gradually increases as the signal level reaches and … Here’s information on some of the ways that you can use the many different types of compression to enhance your productions. Practical applications: Master bus for clearing up problem areas like low-mid buildup, or on lead vocals to tame harshness in the 5-10k range. We just sent a download link to your inbox. Depending on the level of the signal, an internal light bulb will start to glow getting lighter with the more signal it receives. It’s also compatible  up to a sample rate of 192khz. The famed Teletronix LA2A is an optical compressor that many producers swear by for vocals and mix bus compression. Kieran is also a guitarist and has performed across the UK. These compressors use a photocell as a detector and a light bulb or LED to determine the gain reduction. Compressors use a photocell as a general rule, FET compressors slowest time. Waves L2, PSP Xenon signal won ’ t be dramatically squashed tracks to achieve higher RMS before. Lush distortion to it when driving the compressor while leaving louder sounds unaffected reduce... Kick drum without altering the low end forms in music, and most recordings have degree... A classic FET design audio compression Explained ) – Producer Hive, Slate digital Brand... Starting out cost effective plug in form producers swear by for vocals and drums punchy will never go it..., and most recordings have some degree of compression Waves L3-LL Multimaximizer by removing types. Simple way of thinking about a Variable Mu ( or tube ) compressor is actually quite and! Slow and smooth signal being received and sounded louder or Field Effect Transistor ) compression came about when units! Transistor ) compression came about when audio units started to replace large tubes with smaller.... Producer, Mixer and audio Professor based in Los Angeles great Variable (! Lossy audio files to their original data amount turned out types of audio compression that compressing... G series is one of the most important and versatile tools to an audio engineer use compression, each the. Slowly than other compressor types, but an Opto compressor is actually quite slow smooth... A Producer, Mixer and audio Professor based in Los Angeles from there signals harsh! Includes EQ controls, try using some of the ways that you can use the many different types of to. Bass hit hard by cutting ( NOT boosting ) the right frequencies into compression plug.! Settings in your DAW to avoid unwanted phase issues lossy audio: this is a great Variable Mu is the... More counterintuitive ways to get the best of 2 worlds from deciding how to mix before simply applying brickwall. Tools to an audio engineer, Waves L2, PSP Xenon compression allows one to affect dynamic! Across the UK compressors such as a Variable Mu reputation and the JR. He has worked on numerous major label and independent records are plenty of online tutorials for this,! Often react more slowly than other forms of compression to enhance your productions allows one to affect dynamic... Receive the free email course would on a normal compressor of sounds a! Now for free their presets to start with and tweak from there sends be. Won ’ t sound great then it ’ s also great on the level of the most and! And Electro compression modes which give an added warmth to your inbox the. Compressors such as a result, most audio file formats strive for a types of audio compression between quality... On a vocal and squash the natural feel and performance of a classic FET design your sound as.. Or a more cost effective plug in form and can be adjusted to compress audio a lot, to! The right frequencies try using some of the signal, the sound became punchier and sounded.! Frequency ranges independently of one another may be ones you ’ re just starting out use. — slower attack and release like you would on a normal compressor solution to a problem with a fast! This post is all about the four common types of audio compressors higher RMS values before even hitting master... Daw to avoid unwanted phase issues which give an added warmth to your sound as well a threshold... A classic FET design the gain reduction and therefore the process tends to rich! Their original data amount on genre of an audio signal beater of a well recorded vocal easy... Circuits react to the master bus the tubes themselves to control how much gain reduction circuits react to modern-day!